we know the secret of the colors...
an ambient audio adventure
through the lower west side of manhattan
(This project is generously supported by the Artistic Intervention Project's Artist In Residency Program)

A weekend pick in The Village Voice, FlavorPill, DailyCandy and The Villager!
Click here to download and prepare yourself for the tour!
The tour begins at Spring Street and Avenue of the Americas

Questions? Mail Jeremy Dalmas at jeremy@theabsurdists.com


What is going on here?

After the massive critical success of our audio tour of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the Artistic Intervention Project's Curator of Sound, Jeremy Dalmas, has returned with a new tour of the biggest little island in North America. Wander through the imagined reality of SoHo, Tribeca and beyond as we pull back the layers of dust and try to re-discover our shared space.

This stunning blend of poetry, music, theater, history and politics brings a sense of wonder and passion back to our city by transforming our alienating, cluttered streets into a playground of creativity and intimacy. Listen to the forgotten stories, encounter the hidden creatures, and discover the lost wonders that haunt our ancient island. Who is this street named after? Was there really a circus riot here? Can I really eat these weeds? Where did the water from the drinking fountain go? Who are these "colors"? And what is their secret? Are we lost? And must we be found again?


How do I take it?

First, you must download the tour. It has been divided into four files so that it is easier to manage. Make sure you download all four parts and that you do them in order! Click on the below links to download:





(You will likely have to save the link manually. On a Macintosh, hold down the control key while click on the link. Select "Save As". On PCs, do the same by right-clicking.)

After you download the tour from above, you should either upload it onto a MP3 player or burn it to 2 CDs for use on a diskman. Head to the corner of Spring Street and Avenue of the Americas (just at the Spring Street Station off the E train). Then simple press play on you MP3 or CD player to start the tour. The narrator will tell you where to go from there. The tour will take about 2 hours and we recommend starting it so you will finish before the sunset.

If you don't have a MP3 player or a diskman, we sincerely apologize. The tour creator didn't have an MP3 player until this tour was created. We hate to require people to have to latest technology in order to participate, but that is logistically the only way to distribute the tour. We hope that you will be able to borrow a portable audio player from a friend.


I don't know if it is worth my time, I want a second opinion!

This tour was a "Voice Choice" in the Village Voice and was a weekend pick in FlavorPill and DailyCandy. You can read a couple long, glowing reviews of our last (and very similar tour) if you click one of these links below:

1. An excellent review and analysis by Mr. Scott Oliver posted on Shotgun Review (a SF art website.)
2. One more glowing review by Andreas Trolf of fecalface.com (another SF art website.)

Also, check out our simulated photographic journey through the tour.


I am having technical difficulties and/or I am confused. What is going on? This is all so hard!

E-mail Jeremy at jeremy@theabsurdists.com, He will assist.


Why are you being so cryptic? I don't really understand what this tour is.

Mystery is an important part of the tour. And you can't explain a mystery - if you did, it wouldn't be mysterious anymore! This review of our last tour (the one of San Francisco) does a good job of explaining it all.


What is the Artistic Intervention Project's Artist In Residency Program?

"We Know The Secret of the Colors" is generously supported by the Artistic Intervention Project's Artist in Residency program. The Artistic Intervention Project aims to remove the power over our art from the grumpy folded arms of the authorities and place it onto the gleeful singing tongues that dance all around us everyday. Our projects are, by definition, never sanctioned. But they are always unique, sincere and personal. We believe that the only way to have people care about artistic expression is to free it from the hidden chambers where it is currently confined and to weave it into our daily lives.

Program participants are given complete creative license to alter our world as they see fit. A project can be any scale and can be begun at any point. Spontaneous bursts of imaginativeness or life-long projects are all equally essential. Some participants begin and finish dozens of pieces every day, sharing them with everyone around them. Others labor over their project for years only to destroy it as soon as it is completed. Anyone is invited to apply and every applicant is accepted - without review. Our one requirement is that the piece be unauthorized and done out of genuine and uncontrollable need to create.


I love this! I want more!

Well, there is always our audio tour of San Francisco! Or our digital photographic journey through the sights of the tour. And for instant gratification you can keep busy with these links of things that are related to and/or inspiration for the tour:

forgotten-ny.com - an almost endless treatise about everything lost that is worth finding.
tunnel garage - the failed battle to save the tunnel garage.
longnow.org/projects/clock/ - a push to inspire long-term thinking.
lostwonder.org - rediscover the lust that we lost during the enlightenment.
the battle for bolles park - and the sculptures that were saved.
10gnomes.com - a chance discover the hidden creatures of the city.
the murder and trail of helen jewett - and the birth of tabloid journalism.
www.fi.edu/learn/sci-tech/automaton - the unbelievable story of the 200-year-old automated man.
wolfgang pauli - and his journeys into irrationality.
www.geocaching.com - treasure maps to 750,000 secrets across the world.
harrywils.com - the last that's left of washington market.
crimemagazine.com/wellmurd.htm - the murder, the trial and the ghost.
allmovie.com/artist/mel-bourne-82601 - mr. mel bourne.
waltlockley.com/manhattandome/domeappendix.htm - the dome that was almost built over midtown.
at&t long lines building - one of the most secure buildings in america. Here too.
kaBOOM - and a brief history of


Do you know anyone amazing, helpful, talented or who would make a marvelous friend?

Do we ever.

Extra Special Thank-Yous are in order for Mr. Fred Nicolaus for his beautiful musical compositions. And, of course, thank you thank you thank you so so much to all of the artists, innovators and companions who bestowed their music, voices or ideas to the tour:

Sabrina Alli
Aaron Finbloom
Damian Harris
Hunter Jackson
Ellen Johansing
Sebastian Kruegar
Malkie Malkovich
Duncan McFarland
Fred Nicolaus
Chika Okoye
Kierie Piccininni
Josh Sperling
Anusha Venkataraman

and all those kind souls who were generous enough to lend their time on April 17th, 2009.


Poster by Jeremy Dalmas and Crystal Herman